But why didn't they name him Chuck!? A great way to fight norovirus.

I think this is one of the most fun studies I've read! A team from the Health & Safety Lab in the UK developed a dummy that vomits in order to help fight the spread of diseases like norovirus. "Larry" spews fluorescing fluid and then the particles (chunks?) are mapped to see how far they spread. Norovirus is easily transmitted and can easily be passed when coming in contact with vomit. 

I wish this was an animated gif!

I wish this was an animated gif!

"In order to assess the distance travelled by the expelled fluid the CAC floor was covered with safety vinyl followed by two layers of plastic sheeting, which were taped to the base of the walls of the CAC so as to contain the fluid."

"Projectile vomiting can occur without warning, and thus the simulated vomiting system was designed to represent a person projectile vomiting whilst in a standing position."

"The volume of fluid produced through projectile vomiting is likely to vary from person to person and the volume of digester, and there are limited data on volumes of vomit emitted; none have been identified for symptomatic norovirus patients."

Clearly more research is required!!   I hope these become more common sights in labs.

(I can't believe they didn't name him Chuck!!)

Vomiting Larry: a simulated vomiting system for assessing environmental contamination from projectile vomiting related to norovirus infection