Hundreds sickened on cruise ships, norovirus strikes again!

Ugh - more than 200 people have been struck with norovirus while aboard cruise ships. Seriously, they need to be taken out of service and sanitized thoroughly before crew and passengers are allowed back on board! But we all know how I feel about cruises!  

For one of the ships this is the third time it's had an outbreak! 

Causative agent: Norovirus 

There's movement for a vaccine and it can't come soon enough! It's not just cruise ships, but it contributes to a huge number of deaths (especially in children) per year.

"... in February 2015 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC foundation and CDC brought together norovirus experts from around the world to discuss how to make the norovirus vaccine a reality. Participants were from 17 countries on 6 continents and included representatives from academia, industry, government, and private charitable foundations."