New tool to see the safety and wellness of cruise ships

Propublica has a new site where you can search individual cruise ships and get health and safety information. There's a lot of interesting data in here! Inspection reports detail what was flagged, things such as "ice machine had an excessive buildup of pink and black mold" (Carnival Glory). 

There are also reports on Illness Outbreaks (spoiler! they're all norovirus). The details are pretty basic for the outbreaks (probably a good thing) but it's interesting to see which ships have had multiple outbreaks and how closely they occurred. But of course, we all know how I feel about cruises...

Some of the incident reports are serious including information on deaths, assault, and rape. Thankfully, most are smaller incidents like theft and lots of falls and broken bones (alcohol?).

The list of ships is pretty comprehensive and it's a great place to start if you're planning that cruise. Make sure you check out Cruise Control before you buy that ticket!

From the Carnival Freedom Safety report: 

Jun 01, 2013 BATTERY Man "bumped into" girl from the rear several times

Sep 21, 2013 BATTERY Passenger hits another passenger with chair

May 23, 2013 BATTERY Fight between two waiters