No good, very bad, terrible day in the lab

I just started work on a big slide scanning project for some researchers at UCSF. Their project involves imaging H&E stained slides cardiac tissue from rats who have had heart attacks (induced). I spent the morning setting up the tissue and focus maps and left the lab after I kicked off the scan. I got a text from my supervisor a few hours later telling me the slide scanner had made a grinding and crunching sound and its red warning light was flashing. Apparently a tray got stuck or was mis-loaded in the machine. Thankfully, it's the scope's fault. (I know I set up everything the same as always and I would have been devastated if it was my error that damaged someone's physical data). Sadly, the stuck slides were broken. I'll check in the morning if the slide actually got imaged before the damage. I really really really really hope so. I feel terribly about the broken slides but maybe we got the images.