Learning a new system isn't always easy - sometimes the image just won't show up.

I'm always sharking scope systems in the hope that I can learn how to use them. It's often trial and error if the set up or software isn't immediately easy to understand. I've definitely spent more time than I'd like hunting for standard features that seem hidden under clickable triangles or headers with barely legible text (why such small fonts?). I forgot to label this image because I spent a frustrating hour trying to get SOMETHING to appear. I'm usually very good with my image log, but ugh what I managed to get didn't seem worth capturing. I'm pretty sure this my ephyra slide. It's a max projection giving that three dimensional appearance.

Of course, normally this is a facet of microscopy that I love. It really does feel like magic to tweak the settings, adjust the laser (mmm lasers), open the pinhole and then suddenly the pixels light up and there it is!

 I'm looking forward to trying out this system again with fresh eyes.

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